All Children's Rehab & Specialty Clinic

Helping all children succeed

All Children's Rehab & Specialty Clinic is deeply committed to providing quality services in a caring and sensitive way with a main focus on preserving the linguistic and cultural background of children living in a diverse society. As a speech-language pathologist, you are the voice of the children.

We offer Therapy services in Spanish or English depending on the need and primary language of the child in the home environment. We have a fully bilingual office staff and therapists. We are able to distinguish and diagnose a true language disorder versus a language difference in bilingual children.

Most importantly we are able to communicate the plan of care and goals for therapy directly with the caregivers in their native language.

Our Specialty Clinic offers many programs to the community.
  • Free Dyslexia Support Group- Savannah and Hinesville
  • Free Language Enrichment Program- Savannah 
  • Free Screenings- one time monthly Savannah and Hinesville

We are dedicated in helping all children succeed!