All Children's Rehab & Specialty Clinic

Helping all children succeed

"Helping all children succeed"

All Children's Rehab & Specialty Clinic was founded by Lorena Luna-Bradfield, a board certified and Bilingual Speech- Language Pathologists who envisioned a therapy center offering a variety of fun, educational and beneficial services. At all Children's Rehab we offer specialized therapy programs and support groups for families in Savannah and it's surrounding counties. Our clinic vision and model focuses on early identification, collaboration with educators and other health providers. Most importantly, we aim to empower families with research based and up to date current research information so parents can become advocates for their child.  We not only provide parents with the tools necessary to help their child, but also offer many unique services and programs for your  entire family.

Our Rehab department provides

Speech therapy, 

Physical therapy &

Occupational therapy    



Our Specialty Clinic provides

Feeding therapy


Dyslexia Consultations and Screening

Dyslexia Tutoring- Barton Reading & Spelling System


Reading summer camps


Spanish classes for children

Free services to benefit your family:

Speech screenings


Story time 


Speech and Language Development Classes for parents


Baby and infant sign language classes

Dyslexia Support Group

Autism Support Group- led by a parent advocate


We offer therapy services and specialty programs in both locations throughout the year.

We offer services for children newborn through 21 years of age.

9100 White Bluff Road Suite 202 Savannah GA 31406

9100 White Bluff Road Suite 202
Savannah, Georgia 31406

306 North Main Street Suite 1A1 Hinesville GA 31313

306 North Main Street Suite 1A1
Hinesville. Georgia 31313

Speech Therapy

Receptive & Expressive Language Delay
Reading Therapy
Articulation Therapy
Oral Motor Therapy
Feeding Therapy


Physical Therapy


Activities of Daily Living
Sensory Processing Disorder

Gross Motor Delay
Wheel chair positioning